Would you like to write for Horse Moms?

We are looking for new writers and guest posts.

It gives us a chance to get new ideas and NEWS from a variety of horse people so by all means let’s talk!

PLUS you’ll get EXPOSURE to some PASSIONATE horse people, excellent quality links back to your site and of course you’ll get to share your information with our community.

What Are Our Requirements and Guidelines?

  • Articles should be a minimum of 450 words.
    (but can be as long as you like)
  • You must be able to write well.
    (We won’t publish poorly written articles or posts.)
  • Your article must be in AP Writing Style.
    (have a look it’s an interesting read)
  • Articles that get the best results must be relevant, well thought-out and well research.
    (Articles that come from personal experience are welcomed.)
  • Use the search feature on the site to see if the article has already been covered.
    (There’s no point writing an article if we’ve already covered it unless of course it’s from a different angle!)
  • Be active on HorseMoms.com by interacting with comments left on your articles.
    (gives you a chance to respond)
  • Our primary intended audience for World Inhabit is young-ish backpackers looking to travel the world.
    (Our “herd” is predominantly people that love their horses and want to take care of them the best they can, so please keep that in mind when developing your article.)
  • Your article must fit in with the overall theme of  HorseMoms.com. We have a list of categories you can choose from like:
    • horse care, horse feed, horse health, horse nutrition, horse pictures, horse training, horse wellness or a broader category that we call equine magazine.

Got an idea for an article/guest post?

  • 1st stop … the contact us page.
  • Drop us a note. Tell us briefly about who you are, what your article idea is and explain a little bit about it.
    (Don’t be broad, please be specific).
  • You’ll need to create a bio to go along with the finished article. It’ll be displayed at the footer of your published article!
    ( it’ll briefly mention who you are, and it’ll have a link back to your website/blog.)

How about pictures?

You betchya!

Any pictures should relate (in some way) to the article. High quality are best.

If you’d like to use a picture (or multiple pictures in your article), just let us know.

If you don’t have any pictures you’ve taken yourself, please ONLY use Creative Commons images from Flickr.

What’s next?

We’ll get back to you by email containing further instructions.

No hard feelings… We do receive a few  requests and not all are accepted. (at least not the 1st time, so just because we may not be ready to use that particular one doesn’t mean we might not use another in the future)

Terms & Conditions

Your article must not be published elsewhere on the internet, in a magazine, or newspaper publication. We like unique!

It can’t be posted anywhere else later (at least for 1 month).

If we get together on this, you agree that the articles can be on Horse Moms for the entire life of the website. We may edited it. (to correct grammatical, spelling or structural errors and links may be removed or added over time)

Any pictures you send won’t be modified unless you ask, altho’ they may be resized to fit with the website.

We won’t be responsible if someone else decides to save the picture or article, and  publishes it themselves. Just sayin’.

Please note for publishing purposes, the photo credit is yours but we will own the right to use the pictures (in any way we like) in the future with no copy right issues. (transparency is good)

Shoot me an email if you have any questions.






    1. img-4 Author

      Hi Noah- I love the pictures of you and your Mary on your site. You’re sucha handsome boy!

      I’m not sure if “bomb proof” would be the term you’d use to describe yourself huh? 🙂

      Either way tho’… I’d like to welcome you and Mary to the barn and to be one of our authors in our “stable” of writers.

      So please fire up the imac and shoot over some article ideas and let’s give it a go shall we?



  1. img-5

    Hey, Mary My name is Colleen Martin just stumpled across ur site and I am going to do an BA Arts degree nxt year as an undergrad specializing in English in N.U.I. Maynooth CO. Kildare Ireland. I am going after Journalism as my overall goal. I’m good at English its been my strong point throughout High School. I currently live in Tullamore, CO. Offaly Ireland but I am from the U.S.A. I absolute adore horses and I’m a horse lover through and through. I had to give up my dream as a Vet do to the High Math level requirement. I am very interested in helping in any way I can in my spare time. Where are u located? I write my own poetry since I was 13 and I am now 24 and my goal is to write my own book in the future. This would be great experience for me. I could talk all day being Irish-American is a good/bad combination sometimes. Lol I am currently doing an Access Programme in Maynooth as well as a ECDL (Computers) course at the same time. I like to keep busy its just my nature and if your interested you can find me on Linked In or email me. Love to hear from you. Thank u, Take Care, Colleen A. Martin

    1. img-6 Author

      Hi Colleen- good to hear from you and it’s wonderful to hear from someone currently in Ireland! We are in Connecticut. I would love to see some of your writing. Send it over 🙂

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