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Mare Just Entering Her Third Trimester Of Pregnancy



I have become quite concerned with the chemicals added to the human diet and have personally changed over to eating primarily organic foods..

I was intrigued and impressed with Mary’s knowledge of the chemistry of what we feed our horses.

Thank you, Mary, for all your time spent reviewing my feeding program, your willingness to share your expertise and for your product.

It gives me a sense of reassurance that I’m doing something good for my new mare and her unborn foals..

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25 To 29 Year Old Horse Not In Very Good Health

stallionFirst I am a Blacksmith, Farrier, and student Iridologist.

I have been working with horses for many years and learned much through the experiences in the United States and other countries.

For the respect of privacy I will call case #1 as Mr. Age.

The horse owner, a much younger gentleman, asked me to help him as he received a 25 to 29 year old horse not in good health.

We began a therapeutic care of the hooves and then had a visit to the veterinarian for dental work.

Due to the neglect of proper care for this age of a horse, his systems were slowly beginning to shut down.

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My Horse Is Diagnosed With Laminitis

carrots for horses

Rolling Thunder Cloud as my wife say’s “Came into our lives under stormy conditions”.

Indeed he had,
as he had over indulged with between 25 and 30 lbs. of show pig feed.

His legs had swollen and was diagnosed by a veterinarian with laminitis with slight rotation of the coffin bone of the front feet.

That report and the report of intestinal and renal problems gave him a grim outcome of recovery.


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My Horse Is Lame


A horse I shall call 488, because he is 488 miles from my location.

I was asked to look at 488 because he was lame.

After communications with the owner I recommended a veterinarian meet with the two of us.

After consultation, the Veterinarian’s recommendation was a very slim chance of recovery, with highest probability of needing to be put down.

Immediately the hooves were attended and with a speedy shipment of the necessary herbs from your business incorporated into a diet change the health of 488 has…

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Foal Born With Leg Problems

This is how it all started… with Rio.

He was a promising baby.

Born from one amazing blood line.

BUT with a serious handicap.

The odds were against him …


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Minor Injury To Horses Leg Turns Serious


Dreamer was badly injured and…


It was only getting worse.


That’s when Liz called Mary and asked for help and fast…


Have a look at what happened to Dreamer (in liz’s words).

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carrots for horses

My Horse Has A Serious Eye Problem

The difficulties I am seeing are the blood and the filters there of. As the French say “he has dirty blood”.

I have attached a photo of his eye, as you, if I remember correctly like to see, which I am sending to France for confirmation.

The major difficulties I am seeing is the blood, the medulla blongata, axis / poll area, kidney / back area and the brain…

Can you help?

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England Has Always Had Wonderful HorsesCould This Be Why?

UP pharmacist talks horse nutrition

UK Pharmacist discusses the challenges and solutions he encountered…


Good Morning America news anchor on national TV 10/16/14 said;


“Scientist now discovering that nutrients and chemicals found in vegetables can cure (even prevent) all kinds of diseases and conditions.”


Is the USA just catching up?

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