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I just found a post by Dr. Robert Hunter DMV.

He’s spot on….

As people recognize how eating natural effected their bodies, it was only a matter of time before they realized  how it would effect their animals lives as well.

The fewer pesticides, herbicides and chemicals in your horses diet the better (in yours too). Organic and natural is no longer just a small “crazy” group of hippies living in the mountains… It’s fast becoming the standard that everyone is adhering to.

In most cases it can be difficult to find and translate what is natural and what isn’t. It boils down to cultivation methods.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Solid tests that should be included are tests for:

  • extraneous matter
  • heavy metals
  • staph
  • yeast
  • mold
  • total bacteria

They’re a few more but you can see there’s more to the img-3“all natural” statement that meets the eye.

But like Dr. Hunter mentioned you have to trust who you are doing business with to make sure they are committed to offering you the best product and the product that they are advertising.


One last thing… grab Dr. Hunters Equine Emergency quide.

After you have a look you may want to laminate the 3 page document and post it in your barn.




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