The Secret Formula For Supplementing Your Horse

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We show our love in many ways

We buy blankets to keep them warm in winter… We add fans to keep them cool in summer… We brush, pamper, and hug them…

Sometimes we even put their needs ahead of our own 🙂

But one of the biggest ways we show how we love
and care about our horse is how we feed them

I’ve included  a special report below…

It includes:

  • The 6 life stages of your horse
    (including important detailed nutritional information)
  • Each of the biggest challenges each stage faces
  • Plus a solution, including the “special attention”
    each stage desperately needs to maintain their health

Here’s One Of  The BIGGEST Horse Nutrition Problems

Veterinary research consistently shows that…
What’s in the feed bin can adversely affect health

Better to PREVENT a problem then try and fix it

Most supplement companies look at your horse in parts;

  • skin
  • hoofs
  • joints
  • digestive system
  • immune system
  • respiratory system, etc.

And they make their supplements fit those problems… Instead of preventing hose problems from occuring.

By the time you need these supplements, it’s too late.

Remember, they’re counting on you…

Horse watching

Horse watching (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

We found the best way to optimize
your horse’s health, performance and longevity:


  • keeping close to your horse’s natural diet
  • feeding your horse based on their life stage
  • helping them based on their activity
  • evaluating their age
  • considering their weight
  • awareness of their condition

The GOAL is to ensure they meet their individual nutrient needs!


Here’s a small example of the
biggest challenges
Senior Horse face:

Body System
Changes in Older Horses
Effect of Changes


Wear down, reduced saliva

Chewing and swallowing problems

Digestive System

Reduced digestion and absorption

Need 20% more feed or a
20% more digestible feed

Coat and Skin

Dryness and dermatitis

Need oils and correct Omega 3 to
Omega 6 balance

Blood Glucose

Can’t tolerate raw grains well

Need highly digestible fiber and higher oil diet


Red blood cell production changes

Trace mineral, vitamin and iron intake
must be optimal


Less able to synthesize
vitamin C and B

Vitamins in feed must be readily absorbed and supplement offered

Calcium & Phosphorus

Reduced absorption and ratios
must be correct

Mineral absorption is reduced


Arthritis and chronic wear & tear

Softer bones, lameness. Diet needs adequate zinc, copper, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese


Increased risk of laminitis and
weak hooves

Diet needs adequate protein, zinc, biotin

Respiratory System

Prone to allergic conditions

Feed should be clean and dust free

More details on seniors, including
little known challenges other life stages face daily.
All included in the report below…


Here’s the entire report in a downloadable PDF

So please by all means have a look!




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