Cleanse-natural detox for horses

Detox & Nourish with Nature’s Process

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Detoxing Your Horse Naturally

Occasional harsh detox programs can be harmful to your horse.
There’s another way… In only 3 steps… It’s natural, it’s safe and it’s gentle

Step 1 Cleanse / Detox

cleanseBlood and lymph are the highways in the body that carry a variety of toxic substances.

These toxic substances include additives taken in with food and water, such as chemical preservatives, herbicides, aluminum and other heavy metals.

Our goal is to help eliminate and remove toxins
and heavy metals from your horse’s body

We do that by: strengthening the eliminative body functions so they can do their job efficiently; kidneys, colon, liver, lungs, skin and lymph system. Choose the correct supplement for your horse



Step 2 Restore

Many health problems are caused by blockages in the natural flow of… blood, lymph, nutrients (digestion and assimilation), waste products (from food and metabolism) or nervous energy (stress and anxiety).

Our goal is to stimulate the energy of the body so it stays healthy 

And wards off sickness and premature aging, helping prevent problems for our babies.

Our ingredients will increase your horse’s metabolism and circulation to break through those blockages to increase energy and restore balance.

This will help bring back normal activity in your horse. Our Ingredients


carrots for horsesStep 3 Nourish

Our ingredients are used to counteract a deficiency (weakness or critical shortage) in the body.

Usually if the body is deficient in one function, there will be deficiencies in all other functions and in vital substances (minerals and vitamins).

Animal Kingdom Organics Organic Horse Supplements
are the only supplements that use Nature’s Process

Our ingredients nourish your horse’s body by providing vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, omega 3,6,and 9, antioxidants, immune modulators, stress and anxiety relievers.

In addition to providing nutrients our ingredients act to balance and stimulate the energy of the body, improving their ability to assimilate and utilize nutrients. The best way to nourish your horse


img-6 Depending on the formula our supplements could include a variety of organic and natural… plants, seeds, herbs, minerals, trace minerals, sea vegetables, bark, fruit, roots and protein.

We give your horse the right nutrients at the right time in the right amounts by meeting your horse’s life stage, type, weight and activity.

Our ingredients work together synergistically…

 to strengthen, support and restore your horse’s energy and vitality so they can feel good and you can have a better relationship with your horse.

These ingredients are added in specific proportions and processed in specific ways so as to create a complete supplement for your horse’s “whole” body.

By doing this, our supplement is more potent, more biologically active, balanced and safe. Help us, help you, help your horse

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