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How To Put Boots on a Horse The Cowboy Way

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I could’ve really hurt my girl Penny today

So please don’t make the same mistake I almost did…

Here’s how it started…
Some days I help get Penny ready for her training session.
That means brush, spray, pick … I’m sure you know the drill.

Being a good horse husband I always do a little research on these kinds of things…- horse husband
  I found a boatload of videos and a couple looked pretty darn good from my un-educated view.

So at the training session I was all ready to slap boots on that horse and get her saddled up.

Thank goodness Kevin (Marys trainer) was there to set me straight.

I thought boots were used to wrap around the leg just to protect them.

What I found out was…

There’s a “splint” built into the boot that actually gives functional support to the horses leg

Here I was paying more attention to how the curved portion “cupped” Penny and didn’t even realized that the splint existed.

Here’s how Kevin did it



What I liked the most from what I learned from Kevin was:

  • he showed me HOW to do it
  • he explained WHY he did it
  • and he showed me fast and easy, so even I could do it

If you’re helpin’ your wife and you screw up… you know what that’s like 🙁

So have a look at the video and watch the right way to put on your  horses boots.

Your wife will love you 🙂



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    Hi Guys,
    Wow, didnt even know this is happening in my barn. It came out great!
    I learned something as well. Thanks for sharing.

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