What’s Your Horses Life Stage?

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According to the National Research Council

There’s exactly 6 life stages of a horse (any horse)

They are :

1.) Growing Horse (with 7 sub-categories)
This is the biggest growth period of their lives.
Get this wrong and the foal pays for it for a life time.

2.) Pregnant Mare (with 4 sub-categories)
With 2 lives at stake here (they both have very
different nutritional needs) and you want to make sure your right.

3.) Nursing Mare (with 2 sub-categories)
Immediately after the pregnancy she needs to recoup fast for a variety of reasons.
Make sure her nutrition is a good fit when nursing.

4.) Stallions
Testosterone fueled, “geared up” burning calories like crazy.
You need to keep the stress down, cut the chance of injury and keep the weight on.

5.) Performance / Working (with 3 sub-categories)
Easily considered an extreme sport.
Demands and stress on bones, joints and muscles can be debilitating.

6.) Adult Horse Not Working 
 Excessive weight gain. They need the nutrition but not all the calories.
Or weight loss. Two different issues two different solutions.

7.) We’ve added an extra group for senior horse
Like people, old horses need nutritional help.
There are 10 body issues you must deal with or your horse will suffer.

For more information and details about the biggest challenges any type of horse faces in each life stage here’s a special PDF, “In search of the perfect horse mom

Here’s to keeping your friend health and strong for life.


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