Newborn Foal Care Wellness Plan

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you what a newborn foal wellness exam consists of when your vet comes to see your new foal. I hope this helps you and please read on,

Foal Physical examination -Check for:

  • Ability to stand
  • vigor – physical and mental strength
  • Healthy heart, lungs and eyes.
  • Pink gums, with capillary refill within one second.
  • Body temperature – alert: Be certain it is precisely 101 degrees.
  • Nursing ability
  • Straight legs – evaluate flexor and extensor tendons.
  • Body weight
  • Body attitude and reflexes.

Naval medication:

  • Exaine for a healthy naval stump.
  • No hernias
  • Prevent infection from entering the open naval.

Ascertain ability to defecate:

  • Color and consistency.
  • Enema – check for retined meconium (pain).
  • Ascertain ability to unrinate and location of urination.


  • First day only – 1500 IU tetanus antitoxin.
  • 6 cc Penicillin/Strep IM.
  • Repeat antibiotic for two additional days.

Laboratory tests:

  • CBC and differential.
  • Zinc sulfate turbidity test – immune status
  • Compatibility test – isoerythrolysis (foal’s RBCs vs. mare’s colostrum).

This exam should be given to a newborn foal within the first twelve to eighteen hours.

One of the important facts I found was how crucial it is to keep the newborn foals temperature regulated to 101 degrees. Keeping the new foals temperature constant is important to the little guys survival.

My next post will talk about the pregnant mare wellness exam. I will try to post all of the wellness plans for each life stage.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them.

Please pass the information along to other horse moms if you felt it was helpful.

Talk to you soon,

HorseMom Mary

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