The REAL horse whisperer

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Summary of the best horse moms facebook posts for the week…. July 🙁

(I’m catchin’ up)

Miniature horses OH NOOO

July 27, 2011

Cool Mini horses can be used as guide animals for disabled persons.


The REAL horse whisperer

Still would like to see this documentary about natural horse whisper Buck Brannaman -

 UPDATE 2/1/12

Just saw it and I couldn’t get enough. Buck is the “real deal”… Awesome documentary.

Feel a bit sad for him tho’ 

Monte Robbins seemed to have better marketing and “stole” the horse whisperer moniker.

There’s NO doubt in my mind Buck was instrumental in the movie. If he wasn’t there the movie wouldn’t have been as good (even Robert Redford pretty much agreed)

Monty Robbins is good (great marketing but not enough substance) but I think Buck Brannaman is much better.




P.S. So who do think is the real horse whisperer?


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