Dry Shampoo Formula to Clean Your Horse’s Coat, Mane and Tail

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a dry shampoo formula I took off the Internet. You can use on dogs, cats, horses and humans. It absorbs sweat and helps clean up dandruff and dirt.

I found it when I was looking for away to wash my horses without water. It seems I can never get a real deep cleaning by brushing alone.

I used this formula the other day and it worked. I was skeptical at first but once I used it I had to believe. I sprinkled it on my horses and they didn’t seem to mind the shaker. I worked it in their coats and left it on for about 5 minutes. Then brushed it out. It left a nice shine on both.

The formula can be made with cornmeal, arrowroot powder, cornstarch, baking soda, orris-root powder, large grain salt, ground oatmeal, semolina flour, and talcum powder. I also put in different oils for nice scent and deodorizer. Some of the oils you can use is white ginger fragrance oil, orange fragrance oil, citronella oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil, sage oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, rosewood, palmarosa oil, and wintergreen oil.

The formula I put together is:

2 cups cornmeal

24 – 30 drops of a mixture of oils containing (lavender, Rosewood, Clary sage and palmarosa).

Once mixed together sift two times. Put in clean dry container. A Parmesan cheese shaker works good.

The finer the powder the harder it is to get out of the hair. You can mix it half and half. 1/2 Cornmeal 1/2 cornstarch or 1/2 cornstarch 1/2 arrowroot or 1/2 ground oatmeal 1/2 baking soda or 1/2 cornmeal 1/2 orris-root. You can mix up different combinations it depends on what works good for your horse and what type of hair they have.

The cornmeal worked good and was easy to brush out.

You don’t have to use any oil and not as many.

I also just found commercial spray dry shampoo at Sally’s Beauty Supply called “Beyond the Zone Rock” dry shampoo. I use it on my horse when I don’t have time to make the dry shampoo myself. It works great.

Sally’s Beauty Supply also has some great products for dry manes and tails. They have natural spray oils in a can called “Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen” spray. It too works great. Another brand name product they carry that you are all familiar with is Mane n’ Tail, they carry two detanglers one is “Mane n’ Tail herbal spray  therapy” and the other Mane n’ Tail Detangler”. They nice thing is that if buy them at Sally’s Beauty Supply they are much cheaper than buying them at tack shops or online.

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Horse Mom Mary


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    Thanks Horsemom! I help take care of a friend’s 4 Belgian mares at their farm museum and with his old time farmer ways, they are rarely, if ever, bathed so a hose is spooky for them (i have sponged them off after a day of pulling the wagon but need to work on hose training). This will work great. I can get them cleaned up for the farm festival this weekend without scaring them. I’ll add some oils to help keep down the flies too.

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    I have a quarter horse that loves to roll in the mud and in your post you mentioned it depends on there hair on what mixture to do. what would you suggest?

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