Shavings and bedding for horse stalls

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We found a great place for horse shavings!

And we found them in Ledyard CT. Their phone 860-334-8484

Horse shavings and beddingNice quality bagged shavings for
(GET THIS) only $4.50 each bag.

And you can buy one bag or as many as you’d like.

We’ve been back 3 times!.
(they work much better then what we’ve been using in the past)

Usually the stuff you get at Agway or Tractor Supply is very expensive (cost per pound) or the flakes are so big they don’t absorb well. We tried those before and ended up wasting a bunch.

Bag for bag/pound for pound these shavings were a great buy for us and healthy for the horse too!


Ask for Dawn. She’s quite a horse person. (and a computer person too)

[HINT]  Make sure to ask to see “Sailor” her big ol’ stud stallion and the yearlings she has in the in the back field. 🙂 Their incredibly friendly!

OK, OK, so the shavings are small, highly absorbent, little or no dust and the price for this kind of product was the best we’ve found anywhere.

Kiln dried, 3.25 ft. size. Small to med flakes.

A 2 horse trailer will hold 100 bags.

Delivery is another option but a delivery charge would apply.

They are in Ledyard, CT. Cash only please.

Their phone 860-334-8484


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    I dialed the number above re: shavings and it wasn’t a business…help!
    I want to be a Horse Mom, can I become a Horse Mom?

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