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mary-n-pennyFirst, welcome and thank you for visiting.

My goal for this adventure is to share information about our own horses and what happens with them so we can help each other.

I know we don’t have the answers to all of the problems our horses have, but if we share experiences, stories, articles or books we might help each other help our horses.

I’m not a professional writer and this is actually my first time blogging so please bear with me as I feel my way through this entire experience.

If you have something to offer, or a subject you would like more information on please let me know in the comment section below.

I want this blog to be about horse moms working together to enjoy our time with our horses and to keep them safe.

So please let me know what I can do to help.


HorseMom Mary


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    Hi Mary,

    My brother lives in Daneilson CT and needs to find a place to board his two horses. He and his family moved here from Arizona just over a year ago, where he used to ride endurance and loved it. They are currently staying in a show barn, which is nice enough but the people there are having a hard time understanding the difference between big lower energy warmbloods and small hot (well-behaved) Arabians. They are kept in a dark barn and don't nearly enough turn out time. He is working on building a set up at his new home but that will take some time. We'd really like to find a new place, a place that understands trail horses and the family-like attachment my brother has for the his horses.

    My email is and my phone number is 360-681-2497.

    If you know of any place or of anyone that might be able to help it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and by the way, I think this website is great!


    Megg Berry

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