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Equine Wellness Plans to Keep Your Horse Healthy

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Hi Everyone,

I don’t know how many people of heard the term equine wellness.  the first time I came in contact with the term was reading the magazine Equine Wellness.  I liked the name and concept.

If you aren’t sure exactly what it means I’ll give  you the definition – Wellness is helping your horse maintain a healthy lifestyle and preventing problems before they start then waiting until there is a problem to seek veterinary care.

Wellness and preventive care programs are divided into seven life stages: growing foal (first two years of life), pregnant mare (included conception till delivery 11 months), nursing mare (birth to weanling), senior horse (from late teens and up), performance horse (light work, moderate work, intense work and heavy work) and breeding stallion.  Other variables included are body weight and % of feed intake.

A good wellness program should be flexible and the care customized to your individual horse.

One of the aspects of a wellness plan is when the vet visits your horse it is called the “wellness exam”.  It is different for each life stage of the horse because each life stage has specific health and physical issues associated to it.  This means your horse gets better care.

We will be talking about the different wellness exams your vet should be giving your horse starting with the newborn foal wellness exam in my next post.

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