Clydesdales Super Bowl Commercial Review

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This super bowl commercial just tugged at my heart strings.

The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood” 

For the women in the crowd….

It’s not really a sisterhood with our horses,
it’s more like we take care of our babies…
We are more like “horse moms”



I take care of my horsie babies just like I took care of my kids when they were little

But I’m sure I’m not alone.

It’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack (only the best nutrition, diet and care for our babies)

We blanket them, hug them, baby talk to them.

Sometimes we even divorce our husbands over them

But when they look at us with those big eyes or when they whinny when they see us coming out to the field it’s all sooo worth while.

My favorite time is when my girl runs up to the fence to meet me when I call her and she has that look on her face :-).

Although my husband tells me she’s looking for a snack we know better don’t we ladies?

“Bread may feed my body but my horse feeds my soul” (truer words have never been spoken!)

Make sure to give your horse a hug from me today.




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