It’s really all about  the people that are horse moms.

You’re a special group and you know who you are.

We’re all young (at heart), genuine, honest, friendly, down to earth, and someone who cares about individuals (whether they be animals or people) and treats them with respect and as a friend.

A horse mom is competent and reliable – a person who you’d respect and trust
Someone who’s thoughtful and friendly and who won’t let you down

That’s what we strive for and that’s what I really think horse moms are all about.

Now me… I’m shy, I’m always looking for the good in people and I absolutely love my horse.

John n baby n boxI truly care for my horse like I would for a member of my own family.

My baby is Penny, she’s a belgian draft mix.

Here’s a pic of my little girl and my very patient husband John.

As I write this Penny is 6 years old and she just makes my day. I’m sure you know how I feel, especially when you’re walking to the barn and your horse gives you a little whiney or comes to you when you call.

It’s magical, It’s emotional and it changes everythingMary
Forget about Adavan or Xanax…

Visit and hang out with your horse and pretty soon everything going to be all right.



Call me a softy, but it all started for me (like most of us) as a little girl. I was 6…

I had relentlessly begged, pleaded and cajoled my parents.

Finally it happened. The 1st time I saw Chippie I was smitten.

My world would never be the same again.

Boys came and went but my horses were always in my life

That was until I got married and had children. Having a new family can be challenging so unfortunately I had to put my horse life on hold. But I never lost the love for horses or how they made me feel.

Things happen and I went through a divorce.

I worked my way up to an operations manager for a small local manufacturer and slowly got on my feet. My 2 kids were growing and my daughter (age 13) started talking about horses. “Now I knew how my Mom felt.”

Pia was her name and she was an ex-race horse that at first seemed very calm and nice but a little sickly. We found out she had E.P.M. and you can’t give the horse back… especially when your daughters attached.

Like most Moms I did all I could to nurse her back to health but it was tough.

I tried everything;  the vet, the chiropractor, her diet and I read and researched all that I could. Success came with supplements not medications.  But many times I’d see some results then over time Pia would relapse.

NOT the chemical created pharmaceutical or animal grade  supplements that seemed to be flooding the market.

The more I learned about horse supplements and a horse’s diet and nutrition
the more positive I was about strictly natural and organic supplements...

But that was only a piece of the puzzle…

I found out that horses nutritional needs (like people) change throughout their lives

What a foal needs is very different than what a senior horse needs and vice versa. That’s when I discovered the N.R.C. (National Research Council) and their studies on horse nutrition.

People ask me, “Are you a nutritionist”?
No, but I understand a good deal about what a horse’s nutritional needs are throughout their life.

Equus_rx_book_cover1optOne of my earliest mentors was a man who specialized in equine nutrition and biochemistry  who shared his expertise and research with me.

This passion to learn about horse nutrition lead me to create a nutritional software program called Equus-RX.

It’s been used in universities and in horse farms all over the world.

I found out fast that people wanted the answers (the information) BUT they wanted a solution they could use .

Thats exactly why I got started researching, developing and now producing the only natural horse supplement products that are organic and encourage good health naturally.

If you have a chance  drop me a note and join our horse moms barn .

Thanks for stopin’ in and I’ll see you in the barn.




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    Hi Chuck & kids, good to hear from you and I absolutely agree with you! Sound like you and I are a lot a like 🙂

    Here’s to keeping our horses safe!

    P.S. Give my best to Lady, Able, Sundance & Combution (And Nikki, Rebel & Boss)

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