Fat Horses Can End Up Like Tony Soprano

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 Is your horse FAT?

Are you aware of the health ramifications that you could be exposing your horse too right now? Are you doing the right thing for your horse? Are you putting him on a diet the right way? Have a look at the  6 ways to help your horse loose weight. Yes’… Your fat  horse can suffer a major heart attack and be gone as quickly as James Gandolfini’ AKA Tony Soprano Saying goodbye: Tony Soprano’s best moments – The Age Saying goodbye: Tony Soprano’s best momentsThe AgeRalphie’s line to Tony: “It was a f—in’ horse. What are you, vegetarian? You eat f—in’ beef and sausage by the f—ing car load … You fat f—.” Tony then strangles him after a lengthy and bloody …

Everyones question is How Fat Is Too FAT?

RevitaVet: Horses: How Fat is Too Fat During the summer season, because many horses have access to green grass, they are going to gain weight, but how fat can a horse get before it becomes unhealthy? This is an age old question amongst horse enthusiasts.

6 ways to help your horse lose weight and be healthy

Here’s a good place to find out what to do when you’re loving your horse to death by allowing him to gain so much weight it’s harmful to his health You can find 6 ways to help your horse loose weight. Includes detailed descriptions of the steps you can do to make your horse thin and healthy again. And you better NOT let your horse get as big as these guys in the video 🙁

FAT HORSE REMIX! – You’re Not Alone These pictures made me laugh !

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Have a look at the  6 ways to help your horse loose weight.







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